• Welcome to Marina, Agriculture Development

    Egypt civilization is Associated with agriculture since ancient times, agriculture is considered the most important sources of life, prosperity and progress for more than 7000 years

  • Produce  TMR High-Value Bales

    We is proud to obtain the first Position in Egypt and the Middle East in the Production of TMR high-value bales for Increase of milk production and Efficient reproduction

    The company products are SGS and  BUREAU VERITAS certified

  • Modern Irrigation Techniques

    Marina for Agriculture Development grows desert land using modern irrigation techniques and pivot systems.

  • We Offer Many Kind of Silage

    All kind of silage to cover all your need

    - Corn silage bale
    - Corn and alfalfa silage Bales
    - Corn silage contaning
    - Silage making in round bales

    The company products are SGS and BUREAU VERITAS certified


Alfalfa hay

Marina Company grows high quality hybrid alfalfa hay that harvested, dried and backed in medium jumbo bales where the weight of the ration is 400 to 600 kg produced for exportation.

Sugar Beet PulpAlfalfa hay

  • It is a byproduct from extracting of sugar from sugar beets
  • An excellent ingredient for livestock animals (cows, buffaloes, sheep, goats, camels, horses) as it is rich in energy, carbohydrates and fibers. It is also highly palatable.
  • It can be used in feeding as a wet product, in the form of silage or dry (mash or pellet)
  • The sugar beet pulp energy represent 85% of that of ground corn and 95% of barley, so it is a cheap source of energy
  • It contains from 8 – 10% CP on the dry matter
  • It contains 17 – 22% of highly digestible fibers that consist of pectin. This maintain the percentage of milk fat in milking cows, and reduces acidity in fattening calves.
  • Sugar beet pulp can be added up to 50% of concentrate mixture of milking or fattening cattle, or can be used up to 30% of the dry matter intake.

Hence, Marina Company concludes contracts with companies specialized in producing sugar from sugar beets. It also uses the latest methods in sugar production which means high quality sugar beets, free from molasses to be marketed in the local market and exported.

Local market:

  1. Casts in trucks 50-55 tons
  2. Jumbo packs1.200 to 1.5 tons
  3. 50 kilo paper bags


  1. Casts in medium tanks 22-23 ton/container
  2. Casts in specialized vessels – 5000-1000 tons
  3. Jumbo packs 1.200:1.5 ton/container.

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