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    Egypt civilization is Associated with agriculture since ancient times, agriculture is considered the most important sources of life, prosperity and progress for more than 7000 years

  • Produce  TMR High-Value Bales

    We is proud to obtain the first Position in Egypt and the Middle East in the Production of TMR high-value bales for Increase of milk production and Efficient reproduction

    The company products are SGS and  BUREAU VERITAS certified

  • Modern Irrigation Techniques

    Marina for Agriculture Development grows desert land using modern irrigation techniques and pivot systems.

  • We Offer Many Kind of Silage

    All kind of silage to cover all your need

    - Corn silage bale
    - Corn and alfalfa silage Bales
    - Corn silage contaning
    - Silage making in round bales

    The company products are SGS and BUREAU VERITAS certified


Silage is produced from yellow corn farmed by Marina. A special hybrid is selected to produce high quality silage. It is specifically imported for the company from certified seeds companies such as Pioneer.

Harvest takes place at a certain stage of the corn development when the dry matter represents approximately 28 to 32% of the corn using the latest technology tractors produced by international companies such as "Class" in order to ensure the quickest and best harvest, consistency in cutting, grinding, and to preserve the consistency and height of fibers.

Green corn is packaged immediately after harvest in the fields to minimize losses from the regular silage making process and reduce the reactions of harmful aerobic bacteria and fungi, and to produce silage that is free from mycotoxins that harm farm animals.

The silage bale factory is the best factory in packing and packaging in the Middle East. It uses specialized plastic treated with UV and resistant to sunrays and hot temperatures, produced in sizes and weights that suit all breeders.

Circular jumbo silage bale (500-1000 kg) for big farms

irrigation pivotJumbo packages to facilitate circulation and export:

 Corn Silage bales Jumbo packages to facilitate circulation


  • The latest method in silage making of green fodder where silage making takes place immediately after harvest in circular silage bale that weigh approximately 1 ton.
  • Bales are packaged with 24 – 28 rubber plastic layers treated with UV. Packaging takes place under the pressure of 100 tons per m3. The plastic used is treated to resist sunrays and can be stored in the farm from one season to the next in different climatic conditions and hot weathers.
  • Big silage bale are characterized by the following:
    • Reduction of time between harvest and packaging reduces exposure to air which leads to:
      1. Reduction of dry matter and energy loss.
      2. Avoiding the growth of fungi, aerobic bacteria, and toxins
      3. Reduction in protein loss and degradation by reducing the growth of aerobic bacteria with its harmful reactions.
      4. Increase in the percentage of lactic acid (essential for milk production) and reduce the harmful acetic acid in the produced silage. 

  • Reduce silage loss from 15 to 40% when the products are stored in horizontal bunkers to less than 5% in case of circular bales.

The silage bale technology can be used to produce silage from agricultural waste that can be used in silage making and is characterized by its high nutritious value and seasonality.

Corn silage bales are used by mixing them with suitable concentrates to be fed to farm animals such as cows, buffaloes, sheep, goat, camels and ostriches. In all cases, silage should be gradually introduced to the ration when fed for the first time.

Marina guarantees the following analytical results

  • Dry matter: not less than 30%
  • Crude protein: not less than 8% on dry matter basis.
  • Total Digestible Nutrients (TDN): not less than 62% on dry matter basis

The benefits of silage as green fodder

  • Palatable and easily digestible roughage for animals
  • Source of high digestible fiber that produce less heat increment during digestion in cows, especially under heat stress, which increases dry matter intake for animals.
  • It Contains high level of Net Energy for Lactation (NEL)
  • It contains high level carbohydrate for animals.

The rectangular silage bale – (35 to 40 Kg) for small farms

 rectangular silage balerectangular silage bale

They have the same characteristics of jumbo Silage bales, in addition to the ability of being used by small breeders and small farms due to their small weights that range from 35 to 40 Kg.

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