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    Egypt civilization is Associated with agriculture since ancient times, agriculture is considered the most important sources of life, prosperity and progress for more than 7000 years

  • Produce  TMR High-Value Bales

    We is proud to obtain the first Position in Egypt and the Middle East in the Production of TMR high-value bales for Increase of milk production and Efficient reproduction

    The company products are SGS and  BUREAU VERITAS certified

  • Modern Irrigation Techniques

    Marina for Agriculture Development grows desert land using modern irrigation techniques and pivot systems.

  • We Offer Many Kind of Silage

    All kind of silage to cover all your need

    - Corn silage bale
    - Corn and alfalfa silage Bales
    - Corn silage contaning
    - Silage making in round bales

    The company products are SGS and BUREAU VERITAS certified


Corn and alfalfa silage balesMarina produces silage bales that consist of high quality corn silage with different percentages of highly quality alfalfa hay. This is to produce balanced high quality roughage source for the different age and production groups. It includes the following:

  • Corn silage with 5% alfalfa hay
  • Corn silage with 10% alfalfa hay
  • Corn silage with 25% alfalfa hay
  • Corn silage with 40% alfalfa hay
  • Corn silage with 50% alfalfa hay

These silage bales are used in dairy, breeding and fattening farms with the purpose of:

  1. Providing an excellent balanced source of green fodders
  2. The presence of high energy corn silage with alfalfa hay (high in protein) reduces the use of high amount of concentrates in the feed of milk and meat cattle.
  3. Different mixing percentages are used to fit the different age and production groups.
  4. The increase of dry matter in mixes to reduce the cost of transportation, especially as far as exportation is concerned.

Approximate analyses of corn and alfalfa silage bales

Category Dry matter


On DM basis


On DM basis

Corn Silage with 5% alfalfa hay 35 9 62.2
Corn Silage with 10% alfalfa hay 37 10 61.3
Corn Silage with 25% alfalfa hay 50 13.5 61.0
Corn Silage with 40% alfalfa hay 54 15 60.6
Corn Silage with 50% alfalfa hay 60 15.75 60.5

Appropriate concentrate mixture should be used with the silage and hay mixture to match productivity, breed, and age.

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