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    Egypt civilization is Associated with agriculture since ancient times, agriculture is considered the most important sources of life, prosperity and progress for more than 7000 years

  • Produce  TMR High-Value Bales

    We is proud to obtain the first Position in Egypt and the Middle East in the Production of TMR high-value bales for Increase of milk production and Efficient reproduction

    The company products are SGS and  BUREAU VERITAS certified

  • Modern Irrigation Techniques

    Marina for Agriculture Development grows desert land using modern irrigation techniques and pivot systems.

  • We Offer Many Kind of Silage

    All kind of silage to cover all your need

    - Corn silage bale
    - Corn and alfalfa silage Bales
    - Corn silage contaning
    - Silage making in round bales

    The company products are SGS and BUREAU VERITAS certified


Historical Summary on Marina Companypic3

Since the ancient times, over 7000 years ago, Egypt's civilization has been closely tied to agriculture as the primary source of living, development and welfare. Developing agriculture, agricultural production, animal production, and food security projects in Egypt are extremely important because agriculture plays a significant role in the national income; it raises the standards of living and directly affects the elements of political and social stability in our society.

The agricultural sector is one of the leading sectors in the national economy. It is worth mentioning that up to 2015, the agricultural strategy in Egypt has relied on the continuous attempts to develop agriculture, reclaim lands, and increase the rates of agricultural exports.

This strategy was in alignment with Marina Company's policy for agricultural development. Since its establishment in 1992 as a single proprietorship and its modification into an S.A.E in 2000, Marina has been one of the leading companies in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa in terms of agriculture, land reclamation, manufacture and marketing of fodder via the company's group inside and outside Egypt. The company has ISO certificates and its products are subject to international control.

Marina Group for Agricultural Development

Marina Company is one of the leading companies in food security projects in Africa, the Arab Gulf, and the Middle East, and has received the ISO 9001 certificate. Its group works on the development of agricultural and food security projects in the area. The company was established by the Egyptian engineer/ Magdy Zaky Youssef, and it has been in the business of agricultural projects for over 20 years. Marina Company established the following group of companies to serve food security projects:

  • Marina for Agricultural Development
  • Markiro for Agricultural Development and Animal Production
  • Marina for Agricultural Machinery and Engineering
  • Marina for Agricultural Development (Ethiopia – Sudan)
  • Marina for Agricultural Investment and Trade (Jordan)
  • Pioneer for Fodder Manufacture and Marketing Services (Saudi Arabia)
  • AgroMarina for Marketing, Packaging and Export of Agricultural Crops

The Activity of Marina Group:

  • Growing and manufacture of non-traditional fodder, through which the basis for manufacture of silage, alfalfa hay and TMR was established in Egypt. It is developed and produced in bales of different weights using the recent manufacture technology and the world-class pistons that save over 30% of feeding costs, preserve the quality of silage, as well as alfalfa hay and sugar beet pulp.
  • Development and management of agricultural projects in Africa and the Arab Gulf. Training and development of new experts and professionals through the help of trained experts in the field of agriculture and animal production.
  • The company does not only offer its services in the manufacture of silage, it also provides pistons and necessary equipment for the manufacture of silage in cooperation with Gowil company, as Marina is its sole agent in Africa and the Arab Gulf area.
  • The company has a specialized service center that consists of highly trained engineers and technicians to maintain all agricultural equipment of international brands and provide original spare parts through international agencies.
  • Marina Group for agricultural development offers its services to breeders and animal production projects by providing highly productive Holstein Frisian cows in cooperation with Firma Schaap in the Netherlands; one of the oldest companies in Europe in the development and marketing of the Holstein Frisian breed since 1880.
  • Agro Marina for sorting and packing of agricultural crops (potatoes – carrots – leaves, etc.) and garden crops (orange – pomegranate, etc.) for the EU, the Arab Gulf and Africa. These projects contribute to the food security agricultural and animal production projects by reducing the gap between the available amount of fodder and the amount of milk and meat produced in Egypt.

The Mission of Marina Company

We plan to extend our services to reach small breeders by extending our production lines all over the governorates of Egypt. Hence, we develop and increase production, and add different types of feed that implements technical studies in the field. We always support and protect our products with practical experience in nutrition, health, and economic principles.
Our main goal has been and will always be to serve our nation in developing agriculture and agricultural products.


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Address : Road k 58, behind Lion's Village, Alexandria, Cairo
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